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Ambiance / Design Elements:

This Bride and Groom from Seattle were in Marketing and Event Production, respectively, and had a lot of really specific ideas for their wedding day.

First and foremost, they wanted a private, unique estate to hold their event that had an uber-modern architecture to reflect their style, and we found that through one of Bella Palazzo's private estates nestled in the neck of Camelback Mountain.

We shuttled all the guests up the mountain escorted by shuttle attendants wearing retro flight-attendant outfits, complete with pill box hats and knee-length boots.

As the guests arrived at the estate, they had a seat in ultra modern chairs to watch the ceremony that was held atop a plexi-glass stage we built on a triangular, negative-edge pool overlooking the city.

For the reception, guests mingled and enjoyed various food stations and music provided by a popular Seattle-based DJ.

As the guests departed they received a box of Milk and Cookies for a midnight snack as a thank you from the Bride and Groom for being a part of their special day.


Photos By: Kevin King Photography

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