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Your Heart's Desire is, without a doubt, what made our wedding perfect. From the moment we hired Emily, the experience of planning our wedding became completely stress-free. She connected us with the best vendors around, and in many cases vendors we never would have found if it weren't for her recommendations. She was able to negotiate great contract prices on our behalf, and in the end I believe we ended up SAVING money thanks to her excellent relationships with various vendors (they all ADORE her!).

She put my parents at ease about the prospect of throwing a reception in their backyard, and handled everything completely professionally. On the day of our wedding, Emily ran everything with perfect precision, but also great kindness and humor. Her detailed timeline kept everything moving on schedule, and she knew where every moving part was supposed to be and when. It literally could not have gone better, and Emily deserves 100% of the credit for that.

The best thing about Emily, though,

is that she is just the nicest person

you could ever want to meet.
I didn't anticipate that 
I would just

LOVE my wedding planner for the

beautiful person that she was, but

that is exactly what happened with

Emily. She's so genuine, funny,

and wonderful that you'll want to

throw another party just so you can

keep working with her. We love you,

Em, and we'll never forget you and

all you did for us!!

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Your Heart's Desire was outstanding,

irreplacable, completely served us

above and beyond our expectations.

We only saw a fraction of the work

they provided for us. That

means that they kept things flowing

so smoothly that I hardly felt a ripple

of what went on to make my

daughter's wedding lovely and


Both the Bride and her Dad were

undergoing cancer treatment during our year of wedding planning and that should have/could have meant extreme stress for me as Mother of the Bride. Instead I was able to enjoy myself and be creative with all the little details.

Your Heart's Desire found us fantastic vendors that fit our needs perfectly. They were able to capture our style and made suggestions which were really appreciated. They were a calming voice to my nervous daughter.

One thing that stands out to me was how Emily showed my daughter a comparison of a few vendors and the prices. She showed her exactly what we needed to expect if we were paying the amount we had budgeted for that vendor. This helped us choose wisely! This also meant that we allowed more for certain things and were able to go a less costly route on others but always felt we were getting what we wanted.

- Cindy Anderson, Mother of the Bride

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