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I met with and hired Emily just 2 months before my wedding. I had all of my vendors in place, the style set. . .but no one to orchestrate the day. What if a vendor didn't show up, or there was an unexpected situation that arose that day? Who was going to manage the schedule? I cannot have imagined the wedding without her! From the moment I met Emily, she greeted me with a hug, and pulled out a wedding folder (our names were already printed down the spine), with all of our vendors and details, etc., I knew we were in very professional, excellent hands. A huge weight was lifted off of my shoulders, not to mention my mother's shoulders.

Emily did so much more for us than serve as a "day of  coordinator". She attended all of my

final walk-throughs with vendors,

and even suggested a better and

more cost efficient linen company

which allowed us to get more detail

with less money.  She was the go-to

person for my wedding etiquette

questions (i.e. how much should I

tip each vendor?), and also

was full of helpful suggestions

that made preparation and the actual

day very smooth.

Emily is intuitive and flexible. She is never pushy, but knows how to help you get the best results from your vendors. Think of her as the quarterback of the wedding team :) Most importantly, Emily allowed me to be a guest at my own wedding. There was no stress the day of - no stress! I could relax, enjoy the preparation during the day with my wedding party and family, and enjoyed every second of our ceremony, pictures, and reception.

As a "Type A" personality, I like to be organized, and to have my ducks in a row, but with Emily, I was able to trust her, and let go of all of the "what ifs", etc.. I knew if something did not go according to plan (and something normally does when it comes to weddings), Emily would be there to redirect, and handle. As a result, our day was seamless, and the best day of our lives to date. We were able to focus on what was really important - getting married to one another.

I would recommend Emily as one of the most important vendors in the slew of selections any bride and groom makes. I will be forever grateful for her assistance.

I would recommend Emily of Your

Heart's Desire Wedding consultant

to any future bride. Emily is the

calm in the middle of the storm.

Her ideas are creative and her

execution is incredibly detailed.

She listens to the brides' ideas and

gives honest feedback. Without

Emily, our wedding would have

been far less professional and

far less enjoyable for both guests

and the bride and groom. She answered our questions with patience and treated our family and friends with respect. Emily knows how to motivate a crowd! Also, her connections gave us our wonderful photographer, DJ, linens....practically everything on the list. Because of Your Heart's Desire, we wouldn't change a think about our wedding. We were free to enjoy one another.

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Emily really exceeded our

expectations in almost every way.

She guided us through this

meticulous process without ever

losing sight of our goals. I'm sure

she had clients who were spending

far more on their weddings, but

she never made us feel as if we

were being too thrifty. She has

developed wonderful relationships

with vendors that provide amazing

quality for their cost, and maintained

a constant dialogue with them on our behalf to make sure we were able to get exactly what we wanted. I'm sorry if this just seems like we're gushing, but we really couldn't be happier with our experience.

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